Spirit Martial Arts

The Home of Olympic Taekwondo in Hermitage


Spirit Martial Arts

1162 Mt Vernon Ln Mt Juliet TN 37211

Phone 615 477 3038 Email: hapdog70@hotmail.com


We are located at Oakwood Commons, near the Hermitage


The style of martial arts that we teach is Olympic

Taekwondo.  I apprenticed under Kim Byung Chul.  He is an

 Olympic Gold metalist from the 1992 Korea team.  I, Albert

Smith and Rox Ann Brown have earned 5 dans in the AAU

Taekwondo Division and also I have earned a 5th Dan from

the Kukkiwon  (National School) in South Korea.  We both

have 25 years experience teaching


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We have students of all ages, and all levels of learning.